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7 reasons you need a Life Coach.

When I first started in this amazing career of life coaching, people used to say,

“Oh yeah, really a life coach? Is that at a swimming pool or on the beach?”

As much as I’d like to think they saw me as being fit and able to save lives in the water, I never quite knew how to answer. If I had had more time to think about it, in those early days, I may have said,

“Well, I do save people from drowning; in their own negative thoughts, their worries and their constant battle to stay afloat in a changing world.”

We all feel like we are drowning sometimes. It’s inevitable. The pace of life just keeps getting faster and if you add in the surprises life throws at us, it’s no wonder we start to sink.

If I hadn’t had my skills of life coaching to call on I would most definitely have sunk a few times over the last few years. I’m not going to be as dramatic to say that those skills have saved my life but it’s certainly made it more positive and fulfilling. Knowing what questions to ask, and more importantly, what ones not to ask yourself, is really all it takes.

So, I won’t jump in the water and save you, I’ll ask you questions that you answer to save yourself. I don’t save you once, I’ll save you over and over again by teaching you these skills to learn and develop from the very first session. Soon you’ll be saving yourself!

So, why might you need help saving yourself?

7 Reasons you need a Life Coach

1. I can’t, I won’t, I’ll try.
If you have been saying these words, even silently inside your head, then you are preventing yourself from succeeding. It’s as simple as that. A life coach will help you change your mindset to start saying,” I can, I will, watch me!”

2. I don’t know what to do.
Well, what if you did? What if the answer to all of your uncertainty was already inside your head? I promise you, it is and a life coach will help you find it.

3. There is no way I can do that!
Doubt and uncertainty are one of life’s unwanted gifts. We spend far too much time and effort doubting our capabilities, sometimes before we have even tried. Everything is impossible until it isn’t and a life coach will help you believe in yourself, your capabilities and the achievement of your goals.

4. I need a change in my life.
We all get stuck in a rut, whether it’s your career, your relationship or your health. It’s easy to recognise that we don’t want what we currently have, but how do we decide what it is that we do want? What if we haven’t got a clue? A life coach will help you to uncover the answers, using questions you have never asked yourself before, enabling you to decide what it is that you really want to do.

5. I just can’t shift this habit
We all know what these habits are. We usually already know how to stop them. Sometimes we even manage to stop for a while, but they come back. But what if we really believed that it was going to be worth the effort. That we are worth the effort? That we actually, really believe in ourselves? A life coach will enable you to see the value of yourself as worthy of anything you set your mind to.

6. It would feel great to feel supported
A life coach is not your friend. A life coach is there to serve you not please you. But we will be the friend you think you need by supporting, listening, empathizing and clarifying but we will not tell you what to do. A friend will tell you what to do, a life coach will enable you to tell yourself. That empowers you, and that’s the best sort of friend.

7. My friend has one so I want one.
You might think that the worse reason to look for a life coach is just because your best mate has one. But seriously, it’s not. Everyone can benefit from a coach. Even a coach needs a coach so tell all your friends!

To be honest there are probably hundreds more reasons to get a life coach but then I would say that wouldn’t I!
I might also say that there are 100 reasons not to get a life coach but in my world I only want you to focus on what you DO want and not on what you DON’T!