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Annabel Lovick

Annabel lovcik

Positive Life Transitions Coach
and Resilience Coach

    • Empowering you with the amazing strengths of resilience and positivity to carry you through all of life’s transitions 
    • Gaining professional accreditation with The Diploma in Personal Development Coaching and The Diploma in Neuro Linguistics Programming (NLP) with the world’s leading coach training provider, The Coaching Academy
    • 20+ years, in the corporate world of Sales and Marketing, managing people, relationships and life issues at all levels
    • Practicing what I preach in my own life, traversing through my major life transitions with positivity and resilience, still carrying my smile!                         

RESILIENCE IS TOUGH – Literally – Its what the dictionary says!

It gets tougher still when dealing with Covid-19. Take advantage now of  a coaching program from me, designed around your needs to help you cope with whatever life throws at you.

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What is a Positive Life Transitions Coach or Resilience Coach?

A Life Coach helps to build your resilience

  “You can’t always control what’s happening to you, but you can control how you react to it”

Accepting this personal power and recognising how, is something a Life Coach will help you discover. You may be outside of your comfort zone and in a scary place but you will discover that you can;
  • Understand the realty of the situation without the emotional fog
  • Be confident to accept that this new normal is OK
  • Begin creating a future life that you truly want and
  • Be positive and motivated in your actions
Resilience is a life skill and practice makes perfect. Everyone has their issues and its how we deal with them that determines their effect on us. Working with a Positive Life Transitions Coach will equip you with the tool kit, bespoke to you, to feel bolder and braver, becoming more resilient not just for today’s issues but for the rest of your life.

A Life Coach helps you become a better version of YOU!

” Sometimes its OK to not be OK! “

We often forgive others, things we wouldn’t forgive ourselves. We give others permission to fail and try again and we recognise when they are struggling. Yet we tend not to identify these emotions within us. Sometimes we fail to even recognise we are struggling until its too late.

By working with a Life Coach you will learn how to give yourself permission to not be OK, and to allow yourself the time to make choices based on your feelings and your preferred outcomes. You will believe that you have the power within you to make these changes and you will feel empowered to start taking actions towards your new life.

I will guide and work with you, session by session on this new journey using a tailored action plan to embrace your new ways and to live your best life.

You are in charge and I won’t let you forget that

" The relationship you have with yourself is the ONLY relationship you have 100% control over..... yet its the one we tend to ignore "

How I Can Help?

I will ensure Positive Action - Be Open to Change

“ If you always do what you’ve always done you will always get what you always got.”

Change is good, if we approach it right. Your first step to getting somewhere new is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are. It may be hard to imagine you will ever succeed but with your stronger relationship with yourself and with your new found resilience you can expect to be challenging yourself into doing things you may never have considered before – life can be good again and you are going to make it so.

Working with a Positive Life Transition Coach will ensure your actions are positive, manageable and truly in line with what you really want to achieve.

As your coach I will remind you that changes change and sometimes we get so caught up in the process we forget to check we are on the right path.

You are your Legacy – Make it so!

“Every second that goes by is a second gone”

Embracing life with positivity and resilience, regardless of circumstance can be empowering. It can motivate you to do more than just live. It can create a real drive and purpose that you didn’t know you had to create your legacy.

Working with a Life Coach will ensure you keep your goals on track, maintaining clarity and understanding, removing any obstacles both old and new and ultimately transforming you as a person, for now, for ever, for your legacy.

As your Positive Transitions Life Coach, I will provide you with the support and guidance throughout, to whatever level you require. Everyone’s needs are unique so I will tailor a package to suit, for all stages of your transformation.

Whatever you think your legacy maybe today, chances are it will change tomorrow. I will be there to change with you.

About Me

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Annabel Lovick

Positive Life Transitions and Resilience Life Coach, Author and Public Speaker

“ If your life was a game would you play it again? “

I have thought about this statement several times over the last few years which has driven me to become the best possible version of myself. We say life is too short but we often don’t truly realise how short. Well I don’t know what’s around the corner any more than you do but I do know that it’s the best version of me that is going to face it. As someone who has lived through the pain and bitterness of divorce, the risk and uncertainty of career change and the massive wake up call that is Cancer I can honestly say I understand the journey you may be on. I have created my new life using positivity and resilience, forgiveness and acceptance and I am therefore massively motivated to help others achieve the same. I am the author of a completed and nearly published fictional novel which is based on my true life story. I have a non fiction book in the planning stages titled “ If your life was a game would you play it again? ”  and I am available for motivational talks on positivity/ life transitions and becoming a better YOU!
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Client testimonials - Men and women. Old and young. This is what they have said;

I can highly recommend Annabel, who very quickly identified areas of my life which were holding me back. I have worked with the strategies she recommended and things have already started to change for the better!
I absolutely loved meeting you Annabel and getting started on my journey of moving forward. Thank you for listening so well and for helping me look at things differently.
I cant wait till our next session as I feel like we have only just begun to uncover the full extent of whats holding me back. I cant wait to face my new future!


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